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Hey Mom, Look What I Found!

John Negroponte is holding a briefing today to talk about all the things he's accomplished in his first year as the director of national intelligence. Chances are he won't bring this up:

At a bazaar in Afghanistan, a teenager offered a swell deal... the kind you just can't walk away from. For 40 dollars, you could be the proud owner of some super top-secret military intelligence. Somehow the little rascal had come into possession of a computer flash drive containing tons of U.S. intelligence data: you know, names and photographs of Afghan spies, information about the Taliban and al-Qaida... typical stuff, really. The authenticity of the documents has not been verified.

There's a military base close to the bazaar where the flash drive was sold. A commander there told the Los Angeles Times that there's nothing to worry about, everything's under control:

"Coalition officials regularly survey bazaars across Afghanistan for the presence of contraband materials, but thus far have not uncovered sensitive or classified items."

Well I feel safer. Psssst, buddy, I know who shot J.R. Thirty bucks and the info's yours.

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