Don't Miss: Scott Joplin Reincarnated Radio without audio... sounds better than you think.
NPR logo Don't Miss: Scott Joplin Reincarnated

Don't Miss: Scott Joplin Reincarnated

Here, for you, I present the glory of National Public Radio. First, where else can you hear Scott Joplin's artful piano playing, almost a century after the ragtime master's death? His ghost lives on in player piano rolls that Joplin himself might have made. NPR lets you hear the rolls and asks the musical question: Did Joplin really tickle those ivories?

I can almost hear you skeptics saying to your screens, "Too easy, that's a story made for radio." Well, listen to this: Wade Goodwyn's piece from the Enron trial in Houston (what I like to call "the Skilling Grilling") was riveting, compelling and surprising — and didn't include one single piece of audio other than Goodwyn himself. In other words (as we like to say around here), Wade successfully "pulled a Totenberg:" using good storytelling to fill in for sounds he couldn't get from a closed courtroom.

Again, I say, hooray for radio!