NPR logo Thursday Technology: Digital Child Birth

Thursday Technology: Digital Child Birth

In an effort to make my pregnancy more than just navel-gazing (and boy is it gaze-able these days), I bring you this news: The Gaumard Scientific Company has built a pregnant robot. Noelle, as she is dubbed, spews blood, has all kinds of complications and might die. Best of all, she can do these things over and over again.

The childbirth simulator, as reported by AP, is already being used at Kaiser Permanente hospitals all over the U.S. to teach medical and nursing students how to react in risky situations. Noelle is ready and able to have an emergency C-section or a cervical complication at the stroke of a computer key. Her baby's programming allows technicians to put the infant in breech position, have a prolapsed umbilical cord or go blue from oxygen deficiency.

The idea is to practice on a dummy, rather than a real live pregnant lady — for which, I must say, I am grateful.