NPR logo Don't Miss: A Father and the Holocaust

Don't Miss: A Father and the Holocaust

This morning, while I was driving to work after dropping my daughter off at school, I had a "driveway moment"... except I wasn't in a driveway. If I was, I would have stayed there transfixed until Jeffrey Katz's beautifully written piece about Yom Hashoah was over. Yom Hashoah is the annual remembrance of the Holocaust.

Katz's essay is about a German teenager named Rudy who escapes from Germany but fails to get his family out. After World War II was over, Rudy learned that the rest of his family perished. Rudy was Jeffrey's father. Jeffrey was in his 20s when he learned about his father's experiences. It's not often that I tear up listening to the radio, but I did today.