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Wednesday Politics: My Favorite Political Snafu

Have you heard about the fix that Ohio state Sen. Charlie Wilson is in? The national Democratic Party recruited Wilson to run for Congress from the 6th District in southeast Ohio. It's a very competitive district. When I did a story about recruiting back in November, Wilson was touted as one of the Democrats' best prospects.

But somehow Wilson failed to collect enough signatures to get on the ballot. How many did he need? Fifty. That's five-oh. He submitted 96 signatures. But it turns out that half of them were disqualified because they were from counties not in the 6th District! Yeeessshhh.

Someone's got a lot of 'splaining to do… and it might be Wilson's son, who was serving as his campaign manager. (He's been replaced.) Now Wilson is running as a write-in candidate and his campaign is airing this wonderful radio spot (audio) to help voters figure out how they can vote for him.

Write-in candidates have won in the past (e-mail my editor Ken Rudin, who writes the wonderful online column Political Junkie, and ask him to tell you who they are), but it takes a lot more money and resources... resources that Wilson needs IF he wins the primary and runs against likely Republican candidate Chuck Blasdell.