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A man with a heart tatoo on his arm.

Isn't it a total bummer when you get a tattoo saying "Lola 4 Ever" and then break up? Dumping your girlfriend has never been easier, thanks to disappearing tattoo ink. Jim Jurica /iStockphoto hide caption

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Okay, we can't have "Tech Thursday" without scouring the Web for the weirdest gizmo stories of the day. So thanks to our intrepid blog assistant Ben Brudevold-Newman, here are the oddest of the odd:

· A device in a Tokyo train station that scans your face and matches it to your train pass. (I wonder if it's like squishing your face on the copy machine?)

· Something called "Shocking arm wrestling": A set of elbow pads and gloves that delivers a shock to the loser of an arm wrestling match. Ben suggests a good slogan for this product: "As if your damaged pride isn't enough."

· Disappearing tattoo ink: Isn't it a total bummer when you get a tattoo saying "Lola 4 Ever" and then break up? Removing tattoos is painful and expensive. But now someone has invented a new kind of ink to make changing your mind or dumping your girlfriend a lot easier. At NPR (where we have a higher percentage of tattooed employees than any other mainstream news organization in the country), this would really come in handy.



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