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A Pop Buzz Band Gets 'Soft and Warm'

Soft & Warm

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Monday's Pick

  • Song: "Soft & Warm"
  • Artist: Voxtrot
  • CD: Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives EP
  • Genre: Pop-Rock

The Texas indie-pop band Voxtrot has spawned a wave of Internet-driven grassroots buzz over the past few months, and understandably so. The group deftly combines joyfully uncomplicated pop hooks with youthful angst, while respectfully paying homage to twee greats such as Belle And Sebastian and The Smiths without seeming derivative.

Voxtrot crafts buoyant, tender, hopeful pop. Mary Sledd hide caption

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Mary Sledd

Voxtrot crafts buoyant, tender, hopeful pop.

Mary Sledd

On "Soft & Warm," Voxtrot demonstrates an especially keen sense of melody and dynamics. The song begins plainly enough, building tension before transforming into a pop treasure at the entrance of a single trumpet. Ramesh Srivastava's tender, emotive voice sounds appropriately soothing and sweet in a way that complements Voxtrot's deft, nimble playing. Backed by Burt Bacharach-esque horns and plaintive keys, the song builds to a blissful climax that's equal parts distorted guitars and swelling strings.

Voxtrot's impeccably crafted songs convey a good deal of sincerity and enthusiasm — "Soft & Warm" is as good-natured as pop gets — but they're also subtly moving and hopeful in ways that give them staying power.

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