McClellan Remarks on Bush, the National Anthem

The following is an NPR transcript of a portion of today's press "gaggle" with White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan:

McClellan: It's absurd. The President can speak Spanish, (laughs) but not that well (laughter in room).

Q: Are you saying he never sang it in Spanish?

McClellan: It's absurd. The President can speak Spanish, but not that well.

Q: (unintelligible)

McClellan: Right. What I'm saying is not only is that suggestion absurd, uh, but that he couldn't POSSIBLY, possibly sing the national anthem in Spanish. He's not that good with his Spanish. (chuckles)

Q: Scott, the suggestion is he was sort of singing along when other people were singing it in Spanish. Are you saying that didn't happen?

McClellan: I'm sorry?

Q: ... you know, like enthusiastically singing along or humming along without knowing the words. Are you saying this didn't happen?

McClellan: You're saying 'singing it in Spanish?' One, I don't recall during the campaign times when it was (sung in Spanish), maybe it was. I don't recall those times.

Q: I mean all of us sometimes sing along when we don't know the words.

McClellan: In Spanish? How many rabbit holes are we gonna go down here?



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