NPR logo The Barry Bonds Dilemma

The Barry Bonds Dilemma

Everyone is wondering what to do with Barry Bonds.

It looks like he could be within days, if not hours, of breaking Babe Ruth's career total of 714 home runs. Bonds, who miraculously bulked up in strength after starting on a home run tear in his late 30s, has, as of this writing, 713 career dingers. When he hits 714 and 715, he will tie and then break the Bambino's total.

The record, of course, is 755, held by Hank Aaron. Still, when Bonds hits 715, it will move him into second place of all time. And it will be the most home runs ever hit by a lefty.

Bonds, of course, is controversial because he has been linked to the steroids epidemic in baseball. Many people insist they will not recognize his accomplishments, calling them tainted. But there's even a bigger issue for us at NPR.

We say that we're even handed on the issues, even though most people know we get our marching orders from the Kremlin. And so, in the Barry Bonds case, do we risk further antagonizing conservatives in Congress by heralding the most prolific lefty of all time?