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The End of the World Is Coming

Expectant mothers who are due to give birth on June 6, 2006, are worried about producing an entire generation of children like Damien, above, in The Omen. 20th Century Fox hide caption

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Some disturbing news from The Sunday Times of London... Apparently there are a bunch of expectant mothers who are terrified about the prospect of giving birth on June 6 — as in 6/6/06. You remember Damien, that likable little fellow from The Omen, who delighted everyone he came into contact with? It seems that these women are scared to death about giving birth to an entire generation of Damiens on the date of 666. But that never stopped Karen Valentine.

Wait, that was Room 222. Sorry.

The article goes on to say that one mother said she really intends to call her child "Damien." Another one said she would name her baby after Regan in The Exorcist.

One even suggested "Jack Abramoff."

No, wait, I made that one up.

Also in the article: news that Slayer, the heavy metal rock group, will start its "Unholy Alliance" tour that day. And Godless, the new book by Ann Coulter, will be released on that day as well.

One thing the article refused to even consider: June 6 is also the date of the Democratic Senate primary in Montana between state Auditor John Morrison and state Senate President Jon Tester. The winner takes on GOP Sen. Conrad Burns in November.

That's one reason why I never read The Sunday Times of London. And you know, if the Brits had won the war back in the 1700s, or whenever it was, we would all be speaking English today.