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Bringing Justice to the Blog

Good morning, everyone! My name is Ari Shapiro, and I'll be your camp counselor for the summer. If I seem familiar to you, perhaps we met at the Daytona 500 a couple years ago. If you're not the NASCAR type, you and I may have met at that bath house in Miami. Or the one in Chicago. (I was the guy holding the microphone.) If you work at the Justice Department and think we've met before, perhaps you'd better keep that to yourself.

Whoever you are, thanks for showing up for my one big day at Mixed Signals. I promise you today that I will not run for a second term as blogger. This means that I am free from the pernicious influence of lobbyists and special interest groups that have turned other bloggers into lazy Internet fat cats. Having only one day at the blog means I am accountable only to you. I plan to focus on the important things. Like Brits who floss their teeth with screwdrivers. Beyond that, God only knows where today's blogging adventure will lead. Well, God and my editor. But what's the difference, really?