NPR logo Don't Miss: A Look at Legal Immigration

Don't Miss: A Look at Legal Immigration

If you haven't caught it, go back and listen to Jennifer Ludden's three-part series on immigration: here, and here and finally here. It's been airing on All Things Considered this week.

Here's the big shocker: In all three pieces, adding up to a total of more than half an hour of reporting, you will not hear a single protester, farm worker, or contemporary politician. I listened to these stories and thought, how did she do it? How can anyone report on immigration without falling back on the same trite overplayed storylines that every news organization has been trafficking in (so to speak) for weeks now? The series takes a break from the border-jumping, visa-dodging anecdotes we've all been up to our ears in, and it looks at legal immigration instead. How it works… and sometimes doesn't.

And in case you're intimidated by the stories' length, think of it this way. Listen to just one 12-minute piece, and you'll have material for dinner party conversations to last you at least a month.

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