NPR logo 'O RLY!' Worm Confirms Faith In Humanity

'O RLY!' Worm Confirms Faith In Humanity

The W-32/Hoots-A worm attempts to print an image of this friendly owl whenever it strikes. hide caption

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Over and over again the Internet confirms all of my beliefs in humanity — base, corrupt, lustful, whimsical, odd, lonely and often, incredibly kind.

Today is no exception. There is a new worm out there: W-32/Hoots-A. It spreads, infects computers, brings doomsday ever closer, endangers our children and prints out pictures of a weird white owl on every printer it can find. With "O RLY!" on the bottom.

I'm not sure what more to say about it. Malware is never a good thing, but I wholeheartedly approve of the intrinsic geeky weirdness of it all. God bless the Internets.

(via Metafilter)

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