NPR logo They Call It Pollution. We Call It Life.

They Call It Pollution. We Call It Life.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, which gets some of its funding from such companies as ExxonMobil, has released a counterstrike to Al Gore's new documentary An Inconvenient Truth. While I haven't seen the film, from the press it's getting, it's a jeremiad against global warming.

CEI takes issue with that and has released two TV ads, that — get this — promote CO2. Now, a vast majority of scientists agree that man-made pollutants, especially CO2, are definitely causing an increase in the Earth's temperature. How fast and how much is open to debate, but pretty much everyone agrees, this is probably not a good thing.

CEI's ads sound like something that Saturday Night Live (which Gore recently hosted) might come up with. Their tag line about CO2, "They call it pollution. We call it life."

There are some things you just can't make up.

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