NPR logo Hayden Closed-Door Vote Is Business as Usual

Hayden Closed-Door Vote Is Business as Usual

For all the outrage I wrote about that was heard in the 9:30 editorial meeting, a little perspective here from NPR's national security correspondent Mary Louise Kelly. Yes, the vote in the Senate Intelligence Committee on the nomination of Gen. Michael Hayden to head up the CIA is behind closed doors. So was the vote on Porter Goss, the outgoing director. And John Negroponte. And so on. This is not at all unusual.

This is what the members of the Senate Intelligence Commitee do: they meet behind closed doors. Yes, there may be outrage over warrantless surveillance of American citizens. And yes, there is the ongoing controversy over whether the actions of the NSA were legal. But an Intelligence Committee vote behind closed doors is how the committee operates. It's not nefarious or conspiratorial.