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'The Space Between Us' by Thrity Umrigar

"The Space Between Us is a beautifully written story of class in modern India. The story is heartwrenching at times, but ultimately uplifting.

"A domestic servant, Bhima, works for another woman in Bombay. The two are worlds apart culturally, yet they share a bond formed over years together and common life problems. Bhima's employer, Sera, considers herself open-minded and thinks she treats Bhima as an equal, yet Bhima cannot sit on the furniture in Sera's house... Sera helps Bhima through her hard times, but ultimately their class differences create a divide that cannot be bridged.

"This book leads the reader deeply into the cultures of India. It is both fascinating and moving to be allowed into the lives of Bhima and Sera."

From Susan, who listens to Cincinnati Public Radio in Ohio

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