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Bill Frist, Meet Batwoman

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When the Senate comes back next week from its Memorial Day break, one of the first things on the agenda is the Marriage Protection Amendment, or, as they say in Hillspeak, S J Res 1. Majority Leader Bill Frist has promised a vote on the bill, which limits marriage to the union of a man and a woman, as soon as June 5.

Meanwhile, in an apparent direct challenge to Frist, and the Republican-controlled Senate, DC Comics announced that next month they will be unveiling a new Batwoman. A lesbian Batwoman.

The Associated Press quotes Dan DiDio, vice president and executive editor at DC, as saying, "We decided to give her a different point of view. We wanted to make her a more unique personality than others in the Bat-family. That's one of the reasons we went in this direction."

This is probably a mistake, especially with the elections coming up. It's a dangerous trend, and I'm not just talking about Batman and Robin. There are other characters I'm worried about. For instance, isn't anyone at DC Comics concerned about the event in his past that gave one superhero the nickname "The Flash"? The point is, we are heading towards Armageddon and no one seems willing, or able, to stop it.

Ultimately, "Marriage Protection" may turn out to be an oxymoron, like "jumbo shrimp," or "loyal opposition," or "Christine Todd Whitman." All I know is that DC Comics is not helping the situation one bit.