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A sound montage of some of the voices in this past week's news, including 2006 Scripps National Spelling Bee winner, Katharine Close; former Secretary of the Treasury, John W. Snow, announcing his retirement, President Bush announcing the nomination of Henry Paulson as the new Secretary of the Treasury and Henry Paulson, the nominee to replace Snow; National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice; Congressman John Murtha; President Bush; Laura Bush speaking at the U.N. Aids Conference. (2:18)


From NPR News, this is WEEKENED EDITION. I'm Liane Hansen.

And these were some of the voices in the news this past week.

Ms. KATHARINE CLOSE (2006 Scripps National Spelling Bee Winner): Ursprache. U-R-S-P-R-A-C-H-E, ursprache.

Unidentified Woman: That is correct.

Mr. JOHN W. SNOW (Former Secretary of the Treasury): It's been a terrific honor to serve as the 73rd Secretary of the Treasury. But as you know, I've looked forward for some time to returning to private life, and I do so with a great sense of satisfaction in what has been accomplished over the last three and a half years.

President GEORGE W. BUSH: I'm pleased to announce that I will nominate Henry Paulson to be the Secretary of the Treasury.

Mr. HENRY PAULSON (Nominee to the United States Treasury Secretary Post): Mr. President, if confirmed, I look forward to working with you, your administration and the Congress to help keep the American economy strong and competitive.

Ms. CONDOLEEZZA RICE (National Security Advisor): We now have an opportunity to either check their movements toward further sophistication of their nuclear program by negotiation, or to check it by greater pressure on the Iranians through sanctions and other measures, and if necessary with like-minded states outside of the Security Council.

Representative JOHN MURTHA (Democrat, Pennsylvania): They knew that the original explanation that an IED caused the casualties was not true the day afterwards. Who in the chain of command stopped the investigation? Who tried to cover this up? Because none of the Marines knew it, the Iraqis knew about it.

President BUSH: I am mindful that there's a thorough investigation going on. If in fact the, you know, laws were broken, there will be punishment.

First Lady LAURA BUSH: In the United States, June 27th is recognized as national HIV testing day. The United States will soon propose the designation of an international HIV testing day. I urge all member states to join us in support us in support of this initiative.

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