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Hey Alex -- Make Millions in Your Downtime!

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Hey Alex -- Make Millions in Your Downtime!


Hey Alex — Make Millions in Your Downtime!

Hey Alex -- Make Millions in Your Downtime!

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Comic actress and writer Annabelle Gurwitch recently attended one of those get-rich-quick seminars, and shares what she learned with Alex Chadwick. As it turns out, Alex has a good deal of downtime during the broadcast — the time between interviews and during musical breaks, for example. She shows him to use that time to generate a substantial second income!


And staying with the theme of business and money, writer and actress Annabelle Gurwitch stopped by with a plan for me.

Ms. ANNABELLE GURWITCH (Actress; Author): Alex, how much time do you think you spend sitting, waiting around on the show, between pieces, listening to music and other interviews?

CHADWICK: I mean, a lot. A lot.

Ms. GURWITCH: Would you say 15 minutes?

CHADWICK: Oh, I mean, 15 minutes? Yeah.

Ms. GURWITCH: What if I told you, Alex, for only 15 minutes a day, you could retire in two to five years with an extra income of $10,000 a month, pay no taxes, be your own boss, and buy real estate for no money down?

CHADWICK: Annabelle, you don't really sound like yourself.

Ms. GURWITCH: I, for weeks now, have been getting these things in the mail saying, attend a wealth seminar, Mind of the Millionaire seminar. And my interest was piqued, and finally I went to one.

Alex, everyday in America, hundreds of thousands of people are going to these seminars. I attended five hours of a seminar in Beverly Hills in the middle of the day; there were 500 people there standing up yelling, I want to get rich.”

CHADWICK: It's hard to think that you could get 500 people together in Beverly Hills who weren't already rich, but go on.

Ms. GURWITCH: Well, what it was was a number of people speaking, all selling systems for getting rich. There was someone talking about day trading? Now, do you know how to day trade?


Ms. GURWITCH: Me, neither. Do you know how to buy real estate for no money down?

CHADWICK: Absolutely not.

Ms. GURWITCH: Me, neither. And I'm not sure that these people do either. I sat there for five hours. I took notes and the only thing that I saw in my notes later were three things: win the game, Warren Buffet, and you'll wake up rich.

CHADWICK: Now, don't you pay to get into the seminar, or you get into the seminar and it's really kind of like a sales thing where they try to get you to spend some money on something else, on another weekend where something happens?

Ms. GURWITCH: Well, here's the kicker. You get the invitations in the mail and they say it's a value of $150, but we're going to give it to you for free. But the minute you get there, they start signing you up for classes and books and videos and DVDs and subscriptions.

CHADWICK: Okay, now tell me about the other people, these 500 other people who are there. Who are these kinds of - did you recognize them as neighbors or friends or the kind of people you meet in the shopping mall or the grocery store?

Ms. GURWITCH: Well, this is the thing, Alex. This is what I found so disturbing was, you know, everyone looked like a perfectly normal person, someone that you would just see around. And I interviewed people there and every single person that I interviewed there said they had all attended seminars before. And they had all spent money on books. Some of them had gone to Tony Robbins seminars and walked on fire or eaten fire. One woman said she had gone to a seminar where she had broken a piece of wood with her hand while yelling, I want to be a millionaire. And they'd all spent money on these seminars, were going to more seminars, but had never made a dime yet. But they were convinced that if they just went to enough seminars that they would, in fact, one day become millionaires.

CHADWICK: Well, there is a sort of a sense that these people are having these seminars, and they look like normal people who are up there lecturing and they must know something; there must be a hidden secret somewhere in the system, and if only I could figure that out, I could be rich like they are.

Ms. GURWITCH: Well, Alex. I did figure out the secret and I'm going to share it with you right now. Because, yes, you're someone that has some time on his hands.

CHADWICK: Right. Fifteen minutes at least every 20 minutes.

Ms. GURWITCH: Here's my advice to you, Alex. Get your pencil out and start writing your notes on giving a seminar on how to get rich with Alex Chadwick because that, as it turns out, seems to be the only surefire way to get rich quick in America today.

CHADWICK: Annabelle Gurwitch, actress and writer - her new book is called Fired: Tales of the Canned, Canceled, Downsized, and Dismissed - and contributor to this program, and maybe to my bank account.

(Soundbite of laughter)

Annabelle, thank you.

Ms. GURWITCH: Thanks, Alex.

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