NPR logo Don't Miss: Father's Day

Don't Miss: Father's Day

This morning, two Father's Day-timed conversations. On a StoryCorps segment, Gina Caywood talks with her dad, George. He helped raise four daughters in Azusa, Cailf., while struggling with depression.

In a separate interview, Renee Montagne visits Athol Fugard at his California home to talk with the South African playwright and his daughter. Lisa Fugard's debut novel, also set in South Africa, is called Skinner's Drift. Both father and daughter write about the apartheid struggle, although in different decades. Lisa tells Renee she worried at the beginning about being white and creating black characters; Athol says that was never a problem with his work.

Sometimes a quiet conversation can create the most compelling radio. Time slows and you can see the slight frowns of concern, and the smiles. And, as with the StoryCorps talk, you'll sense a daughter's pride and a father's respect.