NPR logo NPR News Agenda from the Friday Editors' Meeting

NPR News Agenda from the Friday Editors' Meeting

Capitol Hill is getting set to clear out for the weekend after a vote on the war in Iraq. That's the news lead out of the 9:30 editor's meeting today. It's an election year and the debate in the House of Representatives is designed, in part, to get lawmakers on the record on the matter. At issue is a non-binding resolution calling the war in Iraq part of the anti-terrorist offensive and discouraging a date for withdrawal of troops. The vote is occurring at this hour — after which Washington, D.C., becomes an easier place to park and find a table in a favorite restaurant.

President Bush has already left town, out West to some invitation-only fundraisers.

Anthony Kuhn in Beijing may miss some sleep if there's a verdict in the trial of Zhao Yan, a researcher for The New York Times. Zhao had an eight-hour trial and the court could decide soon. Zhao told his newspaper in 2004 that Chinese leader Jiang Zemin was going to give up his role as the leader of the military; the Chinese government took that as a leak of a state secret.

Bill Cosby and his wife, Camille, have given $3 million to the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta. It's the largest individual gift the school has received. News and Notes has that story.

And Soweto, South Africa, marks the 30th anniversary of a student uprising against apartheid. There's a remembrance later today via a Radio Diaries segment produced by Joe Richman.