NPR logo Wednesday Politics: Immigration

Wednesday Politics: Immigration

The disadvantage to blogging at NPR is this: You have to go into the office, so you can't wear your pajamas. But a pleasing benefit is hanging out with people with whom you normally don't.

Case in point: This morning I had a nice long chat with Ron Elving, the senior editor of the Washington desk. Ron explained how President Bush has the thankless job of trying to pass an immigration bill that his own party is trying to undermine: while the president is traveling overseas, the Republicans are trying to spike his preferred bill. Ron says that embarrassing the president while he's out of the country is something that, at one point, didn't even happen with opposition presidents. Now, Republicans are planning on holding hearings around the country — a kind of answer to this spring's pro-immigration marches. But these hearings, says Ron, may well end any attempt at a balanced immigration bill. You'll hear Jennifer Ludden on the topic tonight.