NPR logo NPR News Agenda from the Thursday Editors' Meeting

NPR News Agenda from the Thursday Editors' Meeting

Heads up, Nina Totenberg fans — the Supreme Court is expected to resolve, in the words of one news editor, "half a dozen biggies plus a bunch of dogs and cats." Among the biggest of those SCOTUS biggies is a decision about the legitimacy of military courts at Guantanamo.

On the Hill, lawmakers are beginning the process of voting through Iraq amendments. Some talk about the best language for line item vetoes, which would expand presidential power. And immigration continues to be an important topic.

The foreign desk is preoccupied by the World Cup today.

Science has a story about decreases in income for primary care physicians in underserved areas. And the arts desk has a profile of Larry Clark, the director who introduced the world to Chloe Sevigny and Rosario Dawson in his breakout 1995 movie, Kids. His new film's called Wassup Rockers, also about kids.

Day to Day will look at the history of online journalism and whether it has a future. That gave everyone a laugh.

Talk of the Nation has planned an intriguing hour on Fulbright scholars — we'll hear from a recent group of returnees and learn how their perspectives have changed.