NPR logo Don't Miss: YouTube, Doggie Day Care

Don't Miss: YouTube, Doggie Day Care

I'm going to start with a fact you might figure out yourself as I blog these next couple of days. I'm not a good netizen. I don't move about the Web with grace. I have to work hard to find cool things to blog about.

That's not true for Laura Sydell, whose birthday happens to be today. The difference may be an age thing. I don't know, because she won't tell me how old she is. But as NPR's digital culture reporter, Laura knows her way around the net a lot better than I do. And she has a very cool story this morning about, the site that posts tens of thousand of videos a day. She talked to YouTube's founders in their office above a pizza place in San Mateo, and she offers a terrific tour of the company.

Something else you may want to check out — that is, those of you who enjoy the ongoing debate on the cutest NPR dog. Frank Langfitt reports on a day in the life of Roxy, a yellow Labrador Retriever. Roxy attends a doggie day care center in Rockville, Md., one of about 1500 in the U.S. During the day, Roxy's owners can check on how she's doing on a Webcam. At a cost that can equal that of childcare services, doggie day care centers bring new meaning to the phrase "It's a dog's life."

Me, I'm waiting for the story on day care centers for horses. Or better yet, the cutest NPR horse. I'm going to win that contest. I've got three (the herd, my sister calls them). Foreign desk editor Didi Schanche has one, and so does my fellow health policy correspondent Julie Rovner, whose new puppy is very competitive in the cutest dog contest. But I figure with 3/5 of the equine entries, I'm bound to win.