NPR logo Coming Up: Books, Java and Achy Joints

Coming Up: Books, Java and Achy Joints

As I prepare to sign off for the day, I thought I'd give you a sneak peak of some of the stories NPR has in the works for next week.

If you're searching for the perfect novels to bring along on your vacation, tune into All Things Considered next week. Famous authors will be giving their suggestions of must-read books. If you've been confused by the conflicting reports about whether coffee is good for you or bad for you, the Science Desk expects to have a piece that resolve the questions about the drink that's a favorite elixir for many of us. And if you wonder why your child is rubbing his or her elbow… you might want to listen to an upcoming story on "little league elbow."

That's it for me. Next week's blogger will be diplomatic correspondent Vicky O'Hara.