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A sound montage of some of the voices in this past week's news, including: Warren Buffett; Melinda Gates; Senator Bill Frist (R-TN); Senator William Byrd (D-WV); Jacob Dallal, Israeli Army Spokesperson; Hassan Abdulibdah, Palestinian Analyst; Lt. Commander Charles Swift, defense counsel in the Office of the Chief Defense Counsel; Richard Samp, Washington Legal Foundation chief legal counsel.


From NPR News, this is WEEKEND EDITION. I'm Liane Hansen.

And these were some of the voices in the news this past week.

Mr. WARREN BUFFETT (Philanthropist): Bill and Melinda and also the people involved in the other four foundations will do a far better job in terms of maximizing the good that comes out of that money than would happen if it were dropped into the federal treasury.

Ms. MELINDA GATES (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation): Bill and I are absolutely honored and humbled by Warren's gift. It's really unprecedented in terms of what we can do, to do good in the world. And it something we take very seriously. We have feel incredible responsibility. I think when you give away your own wealth, its one thing. But to give away the body of somebody else's life's work is really quite something.

Senator BILL FRIST (Republican, Tennessee): Countless brave men and women have died defending the flag. It is but a small, humble act for us to defend it.

Senator ROBERT BYRD (Democrat, West Virginia): Amending the Constitution to prohibit the flag desecration flies in the face, the very face, of First Amendment rights, like freedom of speech.

Mr. JACOB DALLAL (Israeli Army Spokesperson): Someone is going to have to start asking the Palestinian Authority, which is the democratically elected government of the Palestinian people, to start taking some accountability for what goes on in Gaza.

Mr. HASSAN ABDULIBDAH (Palestinian Analyst): The Israeli military campaign, with the massive destructive powers and the use of these destructive powers against the infrastructure, will give more room to the radicals and will give the upper hand to those who are favoring in the so-called militarization of the Palestinian-Israeli deadlock.

Mr. RICHARD SAMP (Washington Legal Foundation): The decision today is a travesty in terms of the way that the Court has decided to establish itself as a super-military authority, and to second-guess the views not only of the executive branch but also of Congress.

Lt. Commander CHARLES SWIFT (Defense Counsel for Salim Ahmed Hamdan): All we have wanted is a fair trial, and we thank the Supreme Court for ensuring that Mr. Hamdan will get one.

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