An Update from the Solar Egg Frying Contest

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Fred Eck, founder of the yearly Solar Egg Frying Contest in Oatman, Ariz., tells about the results of the contest.


From NPR News, this is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. I'm Michele Norris.

We're going to check back in now on a Fourth of July tradition in Oatman, Arizona. The annual Solar Egg Frying Contest. Fred Eck is the founder of the event and he's with us once again on the line. Fred, when we spoke a few minutes ago, contestants had cracked their eggs into their solar contraptions and it sounded like the defending champion had a bit of competition. How did things turn out?

Mr. FRED ECK (Invitational Solar Egg Fry, Oatman, Arizona): Yeah, well there's a big box here with a big piece of glass on it and there's a frying pan and it's up to 200+ degrees and it looks like her egg is about ready to shrivel up. She's a little ahead of our defending champion. It's kind of running pretty close, but the judges are going to sum it up now to see who the winner is.

NORRIS: Now Fred while the judges are looking at those eggs, they're trying to determine which one is fried the best. What are they looking at?

Mr. ECK: They're looking at the fact that the egg is going to be fried the most. In other words if that egg is not only, the whites are white and the yolk is cooked, it's ready to go. Actually this gal here has got some bacon in the pan, so she's going to have bacon and eggs.

NORRIS: Is that allowed?

Mr. ECK: Oh yeah. They can put bacon in the pan. They can put potatoes. One year we had, let's see. We had eggs, potatoes, bacon, toast. Oh, they've got the winners ready. Do you want to hear the winners?

NORRIS: I'd love to hear the winners.

Mr. ECK: Here we have third place. Oh, the name of the team is Eggsactly. Second place. Oh no, the second place winner was the defending champion and she got second place and her team name was Team to Beat. She got second place. She just missed it. And the first place winner is Sexy Solar Chefette. She's the winner.

NORRIS: And what happens to all those eggs?

Mr. ECK: Oh the eggs get tossed into the egg bucket, exactly all together.

NORRIS: Fred Eck is the founder of the Solar Egg Frying Contest. The annual contest held in Oatman, Arizona. Mr. Eck, it has been a pleasure talking to you. Happy Fourth of July.

Mr. ECK: Thank you very, very much and you have a great Fourth of July and we'll talk to you soon.

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