NPR logo Don't Miss: Plamegate, 400 Years of Rembrandt

Don't Miss: Plamegate, 400 Years of Rembrandt

Ari Shapiro reports on payback from Valerie Plame and Joseph Wilson, the CIA agent and her diplomat husband. They're suing Dick Cheney and others at the White House, arguing that administration officials outed Plame as a spy in retaliation for her husband's public disagreement with the White House on whether Iraq was really seeking materials for nuclear weapons. This is likely the opening of a bitter drama that could keep Washington-watchers entertained longer than a hit Broadway play.

Ivan Watson is in Beirut (apparently he caught a cab in Damascus to get there, since the Beirut airport's been knocked out by Israeli bombing) and reports on the Israeli bombing and blockade of the city. Linda Gradstein reports on the Hezbollah rocket attacks in northern Israel and the toll it has taken on civilians there. Tune in throughout the day to hear Middle East experts talk about why the militants with Hezbollah provoked Israel, how Lebanese feel about the situation, and why Israel insists on an overwhelming response to the provocation.

Art on the radio? Well, trust me, Susan Stamberg will awaken your mind's eye with a story on Rembrandt, who turns 400 tomorrow. "His paint brush was pitiless," reports Susan from the Met in New York. Susan talks with artists about the genius who inspired so many for so long. It was Rembrandt's unrelenting commitment to paint the truth — warts and all — that distinguishes him. A sentence from Susan and I've got Rembrandt paintings swimming in front of me, but if you need more help, you can see them in living color.