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Aerial Revolutions

It's a sleepy season in professional sports. There's nothing left to be said about Zidane's heat-butt, Mickelson's meltdown or White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen's unmatched command of profanities. So as blogger this week, I'll snatch a bit of this precious real estate to talk about my favorite sport: basketball. Forget the NBA finals. They are so over. What basketball fans are gossiping about is known simply as "the 720 Dunk." Like most things in basketball, it is better seen than described.

Speaking of aerial revolutions, remember Shaun White, aka the "Flying Tomato," the snowboarder who tore up the half pipe on his way to an Olympic gold medal in Turin? White is also a professional skateboarder and he's hoping to land a 1080 at the X Games next month. It would apparently be the first ever. If my math is correct, that's three complete spins in the air off a ramp. Fly, Tomato, fly.

By the way, if you know of other athletic aerial firsts, or better yet, if you've got video footage, feel free to share with Mixed Signals.