NPR logo NPR News Agenda from the Friday Editors' Meeting

NPR News Agenda from the Friday Editors' Meeting

NPR reporters continue to fan out around the Middle East to cover the second week of violence between Israel and Hezbollah. We'll have reports on All Things Considered from southern Lebanon, Syria, Jerusalem and Gaza.

Word just in that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will travel to the Middle East this weekend. On Monday, she begins a round of visits in which the U.S. will press for a reduction in the fighting. Michele Keleman will examine the prospects for success.

Pentagon correspondent Tom Bowman has a piece from Iraq about the difficulty of balancing cultural sensitivities and the desire for justice. U.S. military investigators want permission to exhume bodies of Iraqis to bolster cases against some soldiers and Marines suspected of murder. But Islamic custom generally forbids exhumation.

In Poland, there's a thorny family affair at the top levels of government. The president swore in his twin brother as prime minister this week. But during the last election the twins promised that they would not take the two top government jobs together. Emily Harris will have the story on All Things Considered.

Scientists say the largest jellyfish bloom ever measured is happening off the coast of southern Africa. Overfishing is suspected, giving backing to a theory that "junk species" like jellyfish would start taking over some of the world's most productive fisheries. John Nielsen will explain it all.

If you need a quick break from the world's troubles, be sure to catch Bob Mondello's review of Clerks II later today.