Say Anything with S and A

Puzzle master Will Shortz quizzes one of our listeners, and has a challenge for everyone at home.

Challenge from July 23: Name something you might order in a bar. It's two words; three letters in the first word, five letters in the second. Change the second letter of the first word from a U to an A. The result will be a new two-word phrase, naming something you don't want to be seen in. What is it?

Answer: "Bud Light" and "Bad Light."

Winner: Bob Finch from Rochester, Minn.

This week's game: Every answer is a familiar two word phrase, with the initials S-A, as in San Antonio. For example: If given the clue, a military raid, made without warning. You might say, Surprise Attack, or Sneak Attack.

Challenge from July 30: This week's challenge comes from Doug Heller. Take the last name of a well-known 20th century world leader — seven letters. Write these letters in a circle, reading clockwise. Then, starting with the fourth letter of the name and reading counter-clockwise, you'll name an important period in human history. What is it?



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