NPR logo Ivy League: Cold! Appalachian State: Hot, Hot, Hot!

Ivy League: Cold! Appalachian State: Hot, Hot, Hot!

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There's a video floating around on the Internet that some Web slingers are claiming is a recruitment video for Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C. I won't say it's the worst video I've ever seen, but it's pretty bad. Watching it might make you want to buy a used car, but not attend an institute of higher education.

But was it really made as a recruitment tool?

"We would never create something like that to attract students," says Dr. Lorin Baumhover Chief of Staff for the Office of the Chancellor at Appalachian State. "It's horrible." Baumhover maintains the video was created as a kind of joke, to be shared with alumni and friends of the university. He says about a year ago, someone posted it on the Web, and they've been getting queries ever since. "I wish someone could put a stake through it," says Baumhover.

It's a lesson for the Internet age. Don't create anything you aren't prepared to share with the entire world.

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