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Restless Voters in the Heart of America

One place that Republicans are sweating over is southern Indiana. Correspondent Linda Wertheimer and Reena Advani, one of our most gracious producers, have been driving through corn and soybean country to plumb the minds of voters who sent Republicans to the House in 2004. Why do so many people who've never traveled in the Midwest think the landscape must be dull?

Here's how Linda reacted:

"Southern Indiana as I saw it yesterday must be one of the most beautiful places around. We drove north from Evansville very early in the morning, just after sunrise. When we crossed I-64 and drove up into the country we were looking at mist rising from the fields, all tinted pink by the sunrise, and barns, silos and fields and fields of corn. It looked like beautiful and prosperous country, as, in fact, it is."

But Linda and Reena have also found that members of a book club in a tiny town are furious about the war in Iraq. And President Bush's supporters are on the defensive.

Linda's whole letter follows the jump...