NPR logo A 'Pant-Out' with the '100-Degree Club'

A 'Pant-Out' with the '100-Degree Club'

We couldn't bear to shut down the computer and go home without sending you this scoop. David Greene just learned it; you're the next to know:

President Bush spent his afternoon not buried in Middle East diplomacy, but daring his staff at the ranch to join what he calls the "100-degree club." The phrase literally sends shudders down staffers' spines. The president challenged White House employees to run three miles in the central Texas heat across the scrubby terrain on his property. Press Secretary Tony Snow, who sounded as nervous as everyone else, said he would offer a "pant-out" after the run... as opposed to a read-out.

Those finishing the three miles got a T-shirt from the president. Mr. Bush did the course on his bike (his bad knees prevent him from running these days), but rode back to join the runners as they came in. I'm told the president was friendly and encouraging in the most fatherly way — as he pedaled around the sweaty troops. According to the Weather Channel, the temperature on this patch of Texas was exactly 100 degrees when the run took place. The heat index was 102.