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A Warm Song Made from Modest Parts

Antarctica (My Beloved Home)

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Monday's Pick

  • Song: "Antarctica (My Beloved Home)"
  • Artist: Page France
  • CD: Pear/Sister Pinecone
  • Genre: Folk-Pop

Page France's music sounds poetic, mysterious and sometimes impenetrable altogether. hide caption

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Page France's nuanced, clever folk-pop is carefully constructed using modest but warm components — acoustic guitar, organs, glockenspiel, tambourine, the pretty backing vocals of keyboardist Whitney McGraw — while Michael Nau's striking voice lends the band's music an air of sincerity and innocence. The arrangements aren't complicated, but they invariably bolster Nau's memorable melodies.

Borrowing from Boy Scout sing-alongs and school field trips, "My Antarctica" — available on a limited-edition double-EP set slated for release later this year — sounds mysterious and sometimes impenetrable, like many Page France songs. "My Antarctica / my beloved home," Nau sings, sweetly and directly. "They treat you like a dog / I'm sorry if I joined along."

Nau has gained a reputation for prolificacy, a tendency to include references to Christianity in his work, and a limited palette of sounds. But Nau converts his apparent weaknesses into strengths: His hummably straightforward songs stick in the brain, and his wonderment in the simplest of things is infectious.

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