NPR logo Boulder Prepares for John Mark Karr's Arrival

Boulder Prepares for John Mark Karr's Arrival

Reporter Jeff Brady is covering the JonBenet Ramsey case in Colorado, where, he says, the Boulder County Sheriff's office is trying to prevent a media circus:

If you're tired — all over again — of the JonBenet Ramsey story, imagine how the folks at the Boulder County Sheriff's office in Colorado feel. Apparently, they're frustrated and tired of fielding inquiries on the very smallest of details regarding the extradition of John Mark Karr.

Television news programs love pictures of the "perp walk" — that's where you see the accused walking into a courthouse or jail with an officer holding each arm. We saw perp walks with Karr in Thailand and Los Angeles. Next he's headed to Colorado... Well, in Boulder they like to be different. It's one of those left-leaning towns where the Whole Foods parking lot is always packed. It's a very "crunchy" place. And apparently they're not into perp walks.

The sheriff's department put out a press release today that read:

"(W)e are being hounded about the extradition... Mr. Karr will not be paraded or exposed to public view during his transfers to or from the county jail, and there is little to gain from news crews hanging out at the jail."

Not only that, but the hour in which Karr will be brought to Denver is a secret. He'll be transported in a van with no view from the outside. Once at the jail, the van will pull into a garage and the door will close before Karr gets out. Seems clear, but I'll lay odds there will be more than a dozen news trucks parked outside the jail and at the airport from now until the moment Karr's cell door bangs shut in Boulder.