Biloxi Po'Boy Shop Satisfies Customers Again

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For years, folks in Biloxi, Miss., have counted on The Ole Biloxi Schooner for a po'boy sandwich. Even Hurricane Katrina couldn't keep the doors closed for long.


For many Biloxi locals, recovery means you can get a po'boy sandwich. It's a simple sandwich: you take some shrimp or oysters or chicken or meat, pile it on a baguette and eat. One of Biloxi's favorite places to get it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, which did not stop the owner, Joe Lancon, who reopened the Schooner at a new location this summer.

Yesterday, as the anniversary approached, Lancon served lunch to an out-of-town visitor, President Bush.

Mr. JOE LANCON (Owner, The Ole Biloxi Schooner): I believe in Biloxi. I always said, if you cut me, I'm going to bleed Biloxi. You know, I just - I love this town and I just feel in my heart this was the thing to do, you know, to reopen the Schooner. And the way I look at it, I'm doing my little bitty part of bringing back Biloxi. And if everybody does a little bitty part, Biloxi will be back the way it should be.

INSKEEP: Joe Lancon, owner of a restaurant where the president and his entourage had fried shrimp, stuffed crab and gumbo, The Ole Biloxi Schooner.

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