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If You Didn't Go Through It, You Won't Understand

A dispatch from Noah Adams, blogging from the Gulf Coast:

Overheard at breakfast in Bay St. Louis, Miss.:

"I saw the mosquito hawks out this morning, hundreds of them right in front of the church flying over the water eating the mosquitoes."
"Mosquito hawks?"
"Yeah, like bumblebees with wings."
"Oh, dragonflies you mean."
"That's right, dragonflies. I never saw so many. You know, I could hear the trucks spraying for mosquitoes going through the streets last night."

I had come to CJ's Grocery for biscuits and gravy and the New Orleans paper. It was Zita Waller and her husband Craig whom I heard talking. I introduced myself and asked about this day, the 30th, the first day after the anniversary. "Yeah, well, "Zita said, "we're still in our trailer. People you talk with here have sort of an edge in their voice – friendly, but it's there — which means if you didn't go through it you won't understand. And they're right.