NPR logo NPR News Agenda from the Thursday Editors' Meeting

NPR News Agenda from the Thursday Editors' Meeting

Anne Garrels has a knack for being at the right place at the right time. Today she was in the Iraqi parliament when the session erupted in chaos. Members had to be led out by armed guards. This seems to be a more realistic view of what's happening in Iraq than the purported handover of military control from the U.S. to the Iraqi government. In reality, our correspondents say the U.S. military has not been relieved of its duties at all. You can hear about both those developments on All Things Considered tonight.

And since Iraq is not a winning political topic these days for the White House, we'll be hearing more about the "war on terrorism." In addition to another presidential speech on the topic today, Capitol Hill is buzzing with discussions of torture policies, eavesdropping policies and similar topics that, among other things, could provide rhetorical ammunition for the November 7 election.

The great San Francisco Giant Juan Marichal was not a relief pitcher, but All Things Considered hopes he will provide some relief from the news of the day. Robert Siegel will talk with him down the stretch about Dominican baseball players. Marichal was born in Laguna Verde in the Dominican Republic and known as the "Dominican Dandy." After his dazzling baseball career, he became minister of sports in his native country.

And, finally, if you like conspiracy theories, you'll probably enjoy Talk of The Nation's segment today about what really caused the World Trade Center's twin towers to collapse on Sept. 11, 2001. A news tease isn't supposed to give away the punch line, but since this isn't your local TV news, I won't toy with you. Engineers have looked at all the conspiracy theories and found them all wanting.