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I Flatter Myself

I have never blogged before, so I don't know all the rules. My colleague David Folkenflik has thoughtfully passed along a blogging DON'T. Here's his missive:

This is about to be one of the most splendid postings ever. But I flatter myself.

As did Lee Siegel, a senior editor and cultural critic at The New Republic, who recently lost his blog and found himself suspended from the magazine's pages.

Why? Siegel had the poor form to praise himself in the comments section of his blog — but under a pseudonym. He said the critiques of dissenting posters were "puerile responses from the insecure herd of independent minds." Michael Hiltzik, a Pulitzer-winner for the Los Angeles Times, was stripped of his column in the paper for a similar transgression earlier this year. The paper's editors said he had failed to keep faith with the Times' readers by being transparent in his writing. But Slate press critic Jack Shafer says the errant bloggers are punished because they embarrassed their editors, not because they committed any journalistic sins. I'm not one to take issue or to applaud Shafer — I'm far too busy patting myself on the back...