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Looking Back at NPR's Coverage

A firefighter at the remains of the World Trade Center
David Turnley/Corbis

With news reports, essays and images, NPR covered the events of Sept. 11 and the weeks after. Our radio archive includes live reports, background stories and reflections by our correspondents. As Alex Chadwick observed in an essay, "Wherever you are waking up this morning, you're in a different country, in a different time."

Audio Archives

In the 10-day period starting Sept. 11, 2001, NPR News produced many hours of special coverage, in addition to regularly scheduled programming. The following is an audio archive of that coverage through Sept. 20, indexed by show with the most recent audio listed first. NPR's coverage since Sept. 20, 2001, can be found in the full archives.

The People

Behind the stark statistics of the victims' lists are the sagas of terror, heroism and miraculous escapes. Listen to stories of the attack and the mourning, coping and recovery in the days that follow.

The Scene

The World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania. Read more about the places hit in the attack and listen to the stories from ground zero.

Speeches and Statements

Listen to the key speeches and statements by President Bush, Secretary of State Colin Powell and other officials.


Astonishing images have filled the TV screens, pages and computer monitors across the world. View slide shows of recent days' events.


Read and listen as NPR’s journalists, along with citizens and children, artists and analysts comment on the Sept. 11 attack and the events that followed.