NPR logo Politicians and Neanderthals... Is There a Difference?

Politicians and Neanderthals... Is There a Difference?

NPR White House correspondent Don Gonyea reports on All Things Considered tonight about the Bush administration's strategy to energize the Republican Party's core supporters. The goal is to maintain control of Congress — something Republicans are very worried about. And that requires party supporters to be energized in November. Don says it's one reason for the administration's new push to defend its "war on terror" and to paint Democrats as weak on defense. It's also probably the reason why I've been getting a lot of inflammatory e-mail releases these days, such as one from New York Republican Congressman Peter King headlined: "Democratic Leaders Still Clueless on National Security." Of course, it goes both ways. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi posted a fund-raising letter today that begins: "The only thing the Republicans have left to offer the American people is fear."

Ah, election season.

Oh, and about those Neanderthals I mentioned earlier? A new study published in the journal Nature concludes that they probably lived thousands of years longer than previously thought. Check out the report on All Things Considered.