NPR logo NPR News Agenda from the Thursday Editors' Meeting

NPR News Agenda from the Thursday Editors' Meeting

The debate over military tribunals and what to do with terrorism suspects will be a top story tonight on All Things Considered. President Bush went to Capitol Hill this morning to meet with House Republicans behind closed doors to drum up some support for his agenda. He's pushing two proposals, one endorsing his warrantless wiretapping program and the other to allow for the use of tougher interrogations of detainees. But many Republicans, nervous about the upcoming elections, aren't buying. Congressional correspondent David Welna will let us know what happened.

All Things Considered will also hear from Pentagon correspondent Tom Bowman, who's in Baghdad covering the long-running trial of Saddam Hussein. Some interesting developments there. The chief judge is under fire after he remarked that Saddam was not a dictator. When he said that, Saddam replied "Thank you" and bowed his head.

More follow-up to the Hewlett-Packard leak investigation scandal on Talk of the Nation this afternoon. Host Neal Conan will talk with information security specialist Kevin Mitnick and senior Fortune magazine writer Anne Fisher about the extent of corporate snooping. Science reporter Patricia Neighmond also reports on Day to Day about a new study that says America is going backwards when it comes to obesity. In some cases, good government programs are being killed.

Morning Edition continues its interview tomorrow with former detainee Moazzam Begg, who has a new book, Enemy Combatant: My Imprisonment at Guantanamo, Bagram and Kandahar. Begg was released from Guantanamo last year and sent back to Great Britain without charges after being held in U.S. custody for three years. He has some serious allegations about how he was treated during that time.