NPR logo Listeners React to NPR's 'Muslims in America' Series

Listeners React to NPR's 'Muslims in America' Series

It seems like words are the topic of the day. How about these? "Horrified," "profoundly saddened," "amazed," "ashamed." These were some of the words listeners used this morning after hearing letters aired on Morning Edition about the show's weeklong series on the lives of Muslims in America. The listeners were responding to what I, too, thought were some pretty incredible reactions to the series. One was from a woman who said NPR should be prosecuted for "treason" and "sedition" for interviewing American Muslims. Others complained that the Sept. 11 anniversary was not the time for stories about Muslim tolerance. One woman wrote, "Instead of honoring the fallen heroes, you are broadcasting a story about the people who were dancing in the streets." Wow.

Almost immediately, the e-mails started to pour in, almost non-stop. It was pretty overwhelming.

"On Sept. 11 we were not attacked by the Muslims... the people that attacked us were Muslims. There's a huge difference,"

wrote one man. He noted that Muslims were also killed in the World Trade Center. Another man wrote:

"To hear that my fellow Americans are so small-minded as to blame an entire religion for actions of a few made me choke on my coffee."

The debate continues.

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