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Face on Mars Just a Lump Of Rock

Original "Face on Mars" image taken by NASA's Viking 1 orbiter on July 25, 1976. Image shows a remnant massif located in the Cydonia region. Courtesy NASA/JPL hide caption

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Courtesy NASA/JPL

Those Europeans are at it again, disproving dearly held beliefs in ancient aliens building monuments on Mars.

The European Space Agency's Mars Express has captured some fantastic pictures of the so-called "Face on Mars." First glimpsed by Viking 1 in the 70's the picture launched a thousand Weekly World News covers and inspired many pseudo-scientific sites like this one. (my favorite part of the site is when they explain what a priori means. I guess implying that if you know Latin you must be right).

But these images of the Cydonia are just really cool, and the "Skull" will only inspire more conspiracy theories.