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'Tell Me in the Morning' by Cold War Kids

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Friday's Pick

  • Song: "Tell Me in the Morning"
  • Artist: Cold War Kids
  • CD: With Our Wallets Full
  • Genre: Rock

Cold War Kids attracted national attention thanks to the support of the blog world. hide caption

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Led by the crazed and confident Nathan Willett, the California band Cold War Kids belongs to a recent crop of acts that have gained popularity through the blog world. After attracting grassroots attention by posting its music online, the group released two EPs simultaneously, before eventually signing with the label that brought the world Gnarls Barkley and Art Brut. Robbers & Cowards, due out in October, looks likely to propel Cold War Kids from Next Big Thing to, well, Big Thing.

One of the best and busiest touring acts in the country, Cold War Kids' members write songs that combine smart Britpop and post-punk with elements of roots-rock and even new wave. Smartly sloppy, "Tell Me in the Morning" exudes soulful swagger, driven by bright, shimmering guitar and handclaps. With a great hook, a catchy chorus and many changes in between, "Tell Me in the Morning" conjures up the giddy thrill of discovering Gang of Four or The Jam for the first time, which is no small feat.

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