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From Office to Office, a Thrilling Escape


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Office makes crisply enjoyable rock that's suitable for escaping from, well, offices. hide caption

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Monday's Pick

  • Song: "Q&A"
  • Artist: Office
  • CD: Q&A
  • Genre: Indie-Rock

The word "office" may bring to mind an infinite landscape of bland cubes, but the band Office redefines it around exuberant hooks, boy-girl vocals and electro-pop keyboards. The group's crisply enjoyable rock could be the music playing in an endless loop between every intern's ears — the clandestine indie-pop melodies that power corporate America's foot soldiers.

Office's updated new-wave sound bears more than a passing similarity to that of The Cars and Talking Heads, particularly in singer Scott Masson's vocal affectations; his sing-speaking style conjures images of David Byrne at times. No stranger to cubicle life, Masson works by day as an office manager, while also finding time to record and self-release Q&A with his bandmates.

The album's title track bubbles luxuriantly, as a bass guitar chugs along with the infectious melody and jangly guitars swim above. The song undulates, swinging between soothing instrumental moments and thrilling walls of sound. "My heart skips a few beats / when I hear your love on vibrate," Masson sings, suggesting even better times ahead. The white-collar world has rarely sounded so enticing.

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