The 100 Best Companies for Working Moms

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Abbott Labs, FannieMae, IBM and Bristol-Myers Squibb are high on the list of the 100 best companies for working mothers, according to Working Mother magazine. Carol Evans of Working Mother Media, the magazine's parent company, offers details on the report.


The companies we'll name next have been leading the competition to be friendly to working mothers. Working Mother Magazine has released its annual list of the 100 best companies from that perspective. Among the top 10 are Price Waterhouse Coopers, IBM, Patagonia, and JPMorgan Chase.

Ms. CAROL EVANS (CEO, Working Mother Media): It's such a great list.

INSKEEP: Carol Evans is CEO of Working Mother Media. Surprised that she'd think it's a great list? She says the companies are selected for policies that are supportive to working parents.

Ms. EVANS: Flex-time, leave for new parents, childcare support, as well as the all important company culture of really understanding the needs of working parents. And finally, we measure them on the advancement of women: how far are women getting ahead because of these programs?


Carol Evans emphasizes that such programs make good business sense.

Ms. EVANS: There's actually a huge return on investment for the programs that these companies put in place. Price Waterhouse Coopers, for example, told us that there's an $80,000 cost to losing an experienced employee at their company. And so if they can retain their top talent, they have a definite gain on that investment.

All companies tell us that when they put programs in place, there's also an increase in productivity, company loyalty, greater customer service. These ideas have been studied at Cornell and proven to be very effective in increasing a company's market share.

MONTAGNE: Carol Evans of Working Mother Media, which publishes Working Mother Magazine. It's just released its list of the 100 best companies for working mothers.

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