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Morning at the Pole

After six months of darkness, the sun is rising again at the South Pole. Denis Barkats hide caption

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Denis Barkats

This week the sun began to rise at the South Pole after months of darkness. Denis Barkats is a Caltech postdoc working down at the pole and he sent NPR Science Correspondent David Kestenbaum some amazing pictures.

From his email:

"Starting today, I can now officially wish you a good MORNING from the South Pole. Indeed, the sun just came above the horizon and is now visible.
"After six month of darkness, daylight is here again, and boy, is it nice to see sunlight. Temperatures are nevertheless still wintry with -80 F still common, but the air should warm up slowly. With the transition from darkness to twilight and from twilight to actual sunrise, the outside landscape has turned from an old black and white footage to a Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer Technicolor production."

Tres, tres cool.