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Breaking Ground on a Modern Message Song

Don't Feel Right

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Thursday's Pick

  • Song: "Don't Feel Right"
  • Artist: The Roots
  • CD: Game Theory
  • Genre: Hip-Hop

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Years after breaking through as one of the most innovative and musically gifted acts in hip-hop, The Roots' members return with Game Theory, another groundbreaking collection of stellar and often political material.

"Don't Feel Right" wastes little time, hitting its stride with the first beat of Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson's irresistibly syncopated drums. A sinister and deceptively simple piano riff keeps the song afloat, serving as an ideal counterpoint to Black Thought's lyrics and faultless flow. Lyrically, "Don't Feel Right" recalls Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five's "The Message": "Things don't feel right over here / Lately I ain't been seein' clear / It don't feel right / It don't feel right," Maimouna Youssef sings, before Black Thought launches his creative, socially conscious verses.

With deftly executed musical breakdowns and tasteful samples from Kool & The Gang ("Jungle Boogie") and The Ohio Players ("Ecstasy") layered into the mix, "Don't Feel Right" is a key track on Game Theory, and a big reason it's arguably the hip-hop album of the year.

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